Christine – Help! 2 weeks from today my Grandson’s cricket team of 13 boys are coming round for a post tournament celebration! Apart from pull my hair out, what can I do to prepare something easy on the day?

Hi Christine, thanks for the question.

Try not to stress. Boys are easy peasy when it comes to parties. Remember what do we say is the key to a man’s heart? FOOD! Now if you are like most grandmothers I know you’ll be a fantastic cook. I know a BBQ would be very well received. You’ll need to put some music on before they arrive to give it a real party atmosphere. I’d suggest radio 1 or a music channel on the TV, the boys will soon change it to something they like if its already there and running. Honestly 13 boys will entertain themselves just so, don’t feel you have to organise anymore. Just fill their tummies after their cricket match and they’ll be happy!

P.S I hope the boy’s win the tournament!


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