Will – Hi Party Auntie, it’s my daughters 7th Birthday this weekend and i’m a tad stuck for party ideas. We have done the cinema, done bowling. I don’t want to spend more than £100 all in.

Hi Will, thanks for leaving me a question.

£100 is more than enough for a 7 year old’s birthday party. First i’d suggest if you haven’t already to read my e-book which is called “top 10 children parties you can host at home”. Subscribe for a free copy. All these ideas can be easily set up at home and won’t cost you a bomb! Depending on how many children you’ll have in the house and for girls of that age something creative that will keep them busy for an hour of two is fun and won’t break the bank. Why not finish the party off with an indoor cinema style movie night, you could screen their favourite movie, hand out personalised popcorn boxes and ice cream sundaes or hot dogs if you fancy doing some cooking! If you like the personalised popcorn box just click on the image to head to the shop. 

Have a great party!


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