Hi Party Auntie, my Daughter is turning 13 – not sure if she still classes in the kid’s birthday party region! Anyway, I’d like to do something really special this year. I’m willing to spend up to £300 on the day for 3 of her friends, I live in Wandsworth area. Let’s hear your suggestions.

Hey, thanks for the question. I am a strong believer in creating memories rather than expensive gifts. £300 means you can take the 4 of them out for the afternoon. Now, little girls sure do grow up fast, so i’d suggest something that feels grown up to them yet still caters for youngsters. Luckily being just outside of London you have lots of choice! Spa parties where all the girls can have little pedicures, manicures are popular. I’ve found a company that’s £20 a head and they come to you Glo-Pamper Parties. Another idea is pay for a tea party, I’ve written about this – Top Tea Party Venues. Or an interesting one if your daughter fancies herself a singer, why not hire a studio for a few hours and they can all record a song, check out Studio Stars


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