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Searching for coeliac friendly birthday party foodsNo problem! These 5 gluten free bakers deliver gorgeous desserts so you won’t need to worry about catering for gluten free guests.  As well as getting ideas for coeliac friendly birthday party foods you can learn where these gluten free companies source their ingredients, how long it takes to deliver and a little more about the bakers themselves!

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Now let’s start off with the most important dessert shall we? The birthday cake of course!

Butter Beautiful cakes are home-made and hand-decorated. You’ll often find  purees, compotes and syrups amongst our favourite ingredients and decorations including fresh fruit, meringues, nuts and edible flowers. We believe in cakes that are naturally beautiful instead of loaded with sugar and colourings. We never use fondant on our cakes, only yummy, buttery frostings, hence our name! 

How long before a birthday party would I need to order my gluten free cake?

Really, the more notice you can give the better. A minimum of 3 days is required for one of the ready-to-order cakes on the website. For something bespoke, 7 days is preferable. However, it’s always worth asking, as we’ll always do our best to bake you something beautiful!

You operate predominantly in London but can you deliver further afield? At what cost roughly?

Cakes can be collected from Bow (parking available) or delivered across London postcodes by our dedicated courier for £10-£14. Please ask for a quote for delivery further afield.

“My birthday cake from Butter Beautiful was everything I could have asked for and more. Not only did it get people talking with its beautiful topping of fresh flowers, but it also tasted as good as it looked. The fresh raspberry compote and chocolate fudge cake was the perfect combination and went down a treat! It was the talk of my birthday and I can’t compliment it enough.

Thank you Butter Beautiful, I’ll be back for more!”

Don’t they look fantastic!? Bespoke orders start from £50 for single tier cakes. If you’d like to find out more please visit alternatively if you’d prefer to pick up the phone, please call 07872 835560.


No party is complete without macarons and Pinch Of This boast 24 different flavours!

We use the finest natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. We only use free range eggs and ours are sourced locally in Surrey from a farm situated under 4 miles away. Our ethos is simple, if you can tell it is gluten free it doesn’t go on the menu!

How long have you been baking gluten free treats?

A little over a year. I started making both regular and gluten free products and following feedback from many gluten free customers stating my products were the best GF products they’d ever tasted I decided to specialise only in GF food.

What’s going to go down well for a kid’s birthday party?

Kids seem to love the colourful macarons. They are drawn to them like moths to a flame! The most popular flavours for children seem to be blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and chocolate with salted caramel.

Can the colour of your gluten free macarons be customised?

 Sure, I provide macarons for wedding favours and the bride and groom usually want to customise the colour/flavour combination. For large orders like this it’s absolutely no problem for me to customise these things.

“Thank you ever so…the macaroons were divine! The best I have ever tasted…and I am French! “

“The best gluten free recipes and flavours I have ever experienced, no compromise on flavour! Amazing :)”

We deliver our macarons throughout the UK packaged in 12’s or 24’s and they come in a plastic clam shell case wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure they have the best chance of arriving in a pristine condition. 

If you fancy the look of these macarons and you’d like to try them yourself please visit


Lynda Jane Cakes specialises in home style traditional baking with a modern twist. If you are an Instagram fanatic i’d strongly suggest checking out her page, not only is she a great baker but a talented photographer!

What’s your go to last minute treat for someone who suffers from coeliac disease?

In terms of a sweet treat we love marshmallows, they’re naturally gluten/wheat free and easily customised. We suggest serving them alongside various toppings. For example; sprinkles, chocolate & caramel sauce, then have your guests help themselves and decorate as they wish. This is especially great for children’s parties where a fun game can be incorporated too.

How long have you been baking for?

Without divulging too much information that would reveal my age, haha! My baking journey started at around ten (when rock cakes were my specialty and loved especially by my grandad) This love for baking carried on through to my teens and eventually into my late twenties when I started my first official wedding cake business. Fast forward a few years (or more) and once again my passion for baking was the catalyst to start Lynda Jane Cakes.

Other than for eating immediately! How else do customers use your biscuits? 

When creating our signature biscuits, we always like to make something that can not only be enjoyed with an afternoon cup of tea but shared at events, weddings, parties and baby showers. Many of our customers like to offer LJC biscuits as gifts in the form of favours which is especially nice as we always feel like we’re contributing something special.

“Lynda Jane makes beautiful and very tasty cookies! They were a lovely Valentine for my daughter. Lynda also went above and beyond to make certain everything was just perfect. I will purchase from her again!”

I’d like to also mention that Lynda is incredibly friendly when emailing and also very responsive! If you want to take a look at what other gluten free treats Lynda Jane Cakes provides head over to her etsy shop!


How about some fudge? Traditional home-baking from Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District. Marmalady’s treat’s are home-made by her in small batches, using only the best ingredients. No artificial preservatives, gelling agents or similar ingredients are used.

Where do you source your ingredients?

My ingredients are sourced from a variety of outlets — most of the dried fruit comes from a Wholefoods wholesaler, other items from a cash & carry place, others from local supermarkets – wherever I can get good quality at reasonable prices.

Anything you’d like to share? 

Last year was my mother’s 90th birthday and I made a gluten free fruitcake for the party (I over-ruled her suggestion that “she could always just have a little cake on the side for herself” — said it was her party, we would have a cake that she could eat!). Some guests, knowing of her gluten intolerance were surprised to see her tucking into the cake — and were then amazed to be told that it was gluten-free! They said they never expected a gluten-free cake to taste “so good” and had not realised it was anything but an ordinary fruitcake!

“I sent this as a gift, excellent and speedy service as always, thank you so much.’ or ‘Gorgeous buttery fudge!!! A real treat.”

Your fudge comes neatly wrapped in a cellophane bag in an attractive window box — ready to give as a gift or to treat yourself.

I use Royal Mail First Class and aim to post out within 2-3 days of receiving your order and payment.If your purchase is a gift let me know and I will pretty up the package and include a personal message from you.

If you’d like to give Marmalady’s home-made bakes a try, head on over to her her etsy shop.  


I wanted to save this baker until last as Alison, the owner of Liberty Bakehouse was very kind to send me some of her delicious brownies to sample. A small home bakery based in Blackpool that (I can vouch for this) makes the most amazing peanut butter and chocolate orange brownies. Alison emailed me to say she would send some. The following day they arrived and I’m in Sussex! Super fast delivery. Now I don’t know if Alison was aware but peanut butter is my all time favourite snack.. Let me give you an idea of my sensory responses –

When i opened the package, the smell of chocolate wafted from the wrappers, the brownies were enormous! The orange one was sampled first (saving my favourite until last of course!) – sticky and moist. There was orange peel inside and it was slightly tangy. My uncle also tried this one and it was his favourite. 

The peanut butter brownie had a texture that was crunchy from the nuts, super moist & rich in flavour. Quite sweet so one was definitely enough for me. You could not tell the difference that these brownies were gluten free! Thank you Alison. 

How do you recommend storing your brownies in the run up to the party? 

I would recommend storing my brownies for up to 5 days in an airtight container in their packaging or if you really want to be organised you could buy them well in advance and freeze them, then get them out to defrost the evening before the party. (However, if you do buy them in advance just make sure you use a bit of willpower otherwise there may be none left by party time)!

“Alison’s fruit and nut brownies are beautiful warmed in the oven and served with cream!”

Fancy trying Alison’s gluten free brownies yourself? If so she’s also on Etsy.  Liberty Bakehouse.


Top Tea Party Venues in london – 

We are spoilt for choice with this list of London based Tea Party Venues.

I hope you now have some more options for coeliac friendly birthday party foods!

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