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She welcomes cake creating challenges.. much to Mr Tilly’s despair. Standing superheroes, cakes that defy gravity and forever keeping the kid’s eager mitts off are all part of the fun when it comes to Tilly Makes Cake. 

I asked Tilly ( I thought this was her name!) to spill the beans on any cake making disasters, what tools she swears by and if she’ll share with you her cake baking tips.

Read on now to find out more.


Hello, I’m Natalie and my alter ego is Tilly. I started dabbling in cupcakes 5 years ago.

It was in 2012 only 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my third child that I started Tilly Makes Cakes. It wasn’t until I had my middle child – who is now 7 I decided Id like to give it a try.

Who else makes up the Tilly Makes Cake team?

I run Tilly Makes Cakes by myself however my husband is an engineer and so he builds me stands and all sorts of crazy things on request! My Husband is also the one who nicknamed me Tilly.

My favourite cake of yours is gorgeous Beauty and the Best cake. Which cake are you most proud of?

Thank you, the Beauty and the Beast Cake certainly attracted a lot of attention.  Im proud of all my cakes and i’m not just saying that. Back when I was making cakes that I can laugh at now I was super proud of them as so much love went into them!

It gets harder the more experienced you become as you can pick holes all over your cakes when in reality people don’t see them. Sometimes I must remind myself that at the end of the day it’s a cake and its made to be enjoyed eating.

Have you had any cake disasters? What did you do?


Much to my horror I’ve discovered the kid’s eating my cakes. I’ve had mixers breaking down on me and on a few occasions I’ve had to pull out all the stops to get a cake baked & decorated from start to finish in one day. These things are definitely send to try you, glad to say they do not define you though.

I wanted to find out what tools Natalie uses to make such gorgeous cakes. (so we can try the same! HAHA)

Recently it seems to be all decorative items Ive bought, it becomes addictive and expensive to keep up with current trends.  My most used items are my mixers, I have 2 kitchen aids and also my cake cutter which is an agbay – all very expensive but worth it. 

Making cakes is easy. Its an exact science so make sure to measure out all of your ingredients and away you go.  Make sure your oven is the right temperature as they tend to run off and people often bake at far too high a temperature, so buy an oven thermometer to ensure your cakes come out nice and moist.

Can you tell us what you are currently working on or is it a secret?

I have quite a big project coming up in November but that one is a secret not to be revealed!

However this coming week Im working on a Steam Punk themed cake for my own sons 18th birthday party where I’m planning on pushing my boundaries again, much to Mr Tilly’s dismay.

If I gave you £800 to spend on a cake by another designer, who would you pick?

I’d probably go to the very wonderful Faye Cahill as I just love her designs and the way she executes them is just amazing.

What do you usually charge for a cake?

Our cakes start from £70 .

We deliver all over Scotland for wedding cakes and some celebration cakes 🙂 


Top Tea Party Venues in london – 

We are spoilt for choice with this list of London based Tea Party Venues.

If you’d like to see more of Natalie’s amazing creations check out her Instagram or Facebook pages.

If you have an idea in mind for Tilly Makes Cake feel free to email Natalie directly at or call her on 07944742483.

Want to find out more cake designer’s tools, tips and tales? All you need to do is post a comment or email me and I’ll go away and find out for you!

All the best and thank you for reading.

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