Arty Pancakes for Kids 

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In my household when I was a kid, pancake day wasn’t an event to be missed. A bit like everyone screaming “Simpsons!” at the top of their lungs when the clock struck 6pm. This morning I woke up and saw a lady on twitter was celebrating her kid’s 2nd birthday today and she was after some arty pancake ideas. If you are feeling arty today take a look at these pancakes that are bound to put a smile on anyone face.

Upside Down Bear Pancake


Racoon Nutella Pancake

Downward Facing Bunny Pancake 

Piggy Pancake

Kitty Cat Pancake

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Have a great day however you choose to celebrate this pancake day.

If you do choose to try any of these arty pancakes with the kids please let me know how it goes!

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