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I LOVE events planning! I’ve been organising celebrations, occasions, parties and simple “get togethers” for all ages for many years in the UK and more recently, exclusive events for adults in 4* & 5* hotels across Europe.

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I’m the person who will help you organise your child’s best party ever. Children’s parties really allow you to get creative – they have huge scope and this is what I love about them. The memories I have of my own childhood parties are vibrant and well remembered. Let’s create something magical together!

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This site is not just about taking your booking for a party, it’s also a FREE information resource – check out the Tips & Tricks page for loads of ideas and suggestions. The Party Auntie Agony Aunty is your opportunity to ask questions and get seriously useful answers.

Pula in Northern Croatia was my home in 2014 and it is spectacular. I Highly recommend visiting. 

I love the outdoors, nature documentaries and of course david attenborough. 

The best pudding is homemade apple & blackberry crumble – with custard of course!

At the time of writing this I am reading Life of Pi which I’m finding sad however it’s also made me laugh out loud on a few occasions! 

my primary school teacher once said “all good things come in small packages”. This has stuck with me for life, I love the little details in things. 

I am a Pisces for those star sign lovers out there & of course I love to swim!

My favourite colour is green. A sea green.

I AM A vegetarian because I love animals, especially piglets!  

And 3 in one – I am practical, partly academic but creativity is at my heart

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