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Hi Party Auntie, My Daughter is turning 13 – not sure if she still classes in the Kid’s birthday party region! Anyway, I’d like to do something really special this year. I’m willing to spend up to £300 on the day for 3 of her friends, I live in Wandsworth area. Let’s hear your suggestions.

Hey, thanks for the question. I am a strong believer in creating memories rather than expensive gifts. £300 means you can take the 4 of them out for the afternoon. Now, little girls sure do grow up fast, so i’d suggest something that feels grown up to them but is still catered for youngsters…


Hi Party Auntie, it is my daughter’s 5th birthday next month and i’m looking to find some entertainment in the East Sussex area. It will be a hall party of 30 boys & girls! Any recommendations? 

Hi Jenny, thank you for your question. Let’s start with Sublime Science who are voted No.1 for children’s party entertainment. Their parties start at £248 and I promise you will not be disappointed. Think bubbling potions & yummy sweets combined with spectacular science experiments & gooey slime making. It will be the talk of the playground for weeks to come! Secondly i’d recommend a local business…


Hi Party Auntie, I’m trying to find a venue to host my son’s 12th Birthday Party. We live in Brighton so any recommendations you have. Please respond.

Hello, Well you have lots of choice in Brighton. My suggestion is Old Boat Community Centre in Hollingbury just across from Carden Park.They do Party Bookings starting from £17 per hour …


Help! 2 weeks from today my Grandson’s cricket team of 13 boys are coming round for a post tournament celebration! Apart from pull my hair out, what can I do to prepare something easy on the day?

Try not to stress. Boys are easy peasy when it comes to parties. Remember what do we say is the key to a man’s heart?…


Hi Party Auntie, my name is Peter and I’m a single father to my son Jeremy who is going to be 3 in August. I don’t know where to start when organising his party. He may not remember a lot of the Party but i’d like to throw him one with all our family so that we have photographs and memories to share with him.

Hi Peter, thanks for writing in. I think it’s a lovely idea to throw Jeremy a party. The highest priority for you then is to make sure you pick a day when all your family can be together! To do this you’ll need to send out invitations. I recommend these…


Hi Party Auntie, it’s my daughters 7th Birthday this weekend and i’m a tad stuck for party ideas. We have done the cinema, done bowling. I don’t want to spend more than £100 all in.

£100 is more than enough for a 7th year olds Birthday party. First i’d suggest if you haven’t already to read my e-book which is called “top 10 children parties you can host at home”. Subscribe for a free copy. All these ideas can be easily set up at home and won’t cost you a bomb! Depending on how many children you’ll have in the house and for girls of that age something creative..


Hi Party Auntie, I’m short on ideas for party favours. I don’t have a lot to spend and I’d like to avoid pound land products that’ll just get thrown in the bin!

Great question and I must agree I am not a fan of those throw away style favours! If it’s a small group of children why not create something personalised for each child? 


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