Autumn Harvest Party Ideas




‘My Little Pumpkin’s 1st Birthday’


Autumn season is one of our favourites. The colour of the leaves, the way they crunch and new life in the hedgerows. We love these signs of the exciting weeks to come. 

We had a 1st birthday to plan and it fell around Halloween. A scary occasion didn’t feel right for this milestone. Instead, we wanted something cosy and heart-warming for the family we’d come too know well. Read on to find out how we came up with this wonderful autumn harvest party idea.


It was when I visited Chilley Barn, in Pevensey that the theme really came to mind. As soon as I stepped inside their traditional pebble barn with its huge oak beams, I became very excited. 


How the ‘My little pumpkin’ came about. 

My client was initially keen on a Halloween theme, so, I wanted to incorporate it somehow. Driving past pumpkins on the way home that day was enough of a hint! Our event would have Pumpkins as the motif. 


The styling

Our guests always comment on how lovely our party styling is. The truth is, it’s the bit we love the most! We love the creativity, the research, finding new decor and suppliers and putting it all together on the day. We take pride in the fine details, no stone left unturned. Or should I say pumpkin?



 Before we start planning the style for our autumn harvest party, we consider these 3 elements:


1) Atmosphere.

Our aim was to create a cosy event with a hint of luxury. The fairy lights running along the back wall added a subtle glow. LED up-lighting helped celebrate the fantastic structures of the venue lit appropriately with warm red and orange colour. A touch of luxe came with the pampas grass, velvet cushions, furs and the copper frame and floral arrangement.

 2) Location.

If you can choose the right venue, it will help you create a stronger theme. Chilley barn is located on a working farm, tucked away in the sweeping back lanes of Sussex, near Herstmonceux. Perfect for our little pumpkin setting. 

3) Theme.

Celebrating our theme with a variety of subtle touches and bold ideas really created an atmosphere that captured the imagination. Our mission is in-line with nature, sustainability & comfort, for us to achieve our mission requires a lot of creative ambition, it requires failure and growth. We try as many ideas as we can to filter down and refine to the real good stuff. Just be sure to catch all the great ideas you have when you’re washing up and walking the dog, I am a compulsive note-taker. 



The food


A very important part of any party, wouldn’t you agree? Harvest time is all about reaping the rewards of a fruitful summer. We had to put a lot of emphasis on food. A lavish graze ran down the entire length of four German beer tables. There was a lot of space to cover but we knew it had to be done. Throughout the party, guests were abundant in food and drink service. It felt like a feast. Our brilliant florist (The Flower Workshop) even incorporated corn on the cobs, hedgerow berries and huge artichokes into the displays – a great idea! 

On the fall-themed party menu: 

  • Creamy pumpkin & sage soup with crusty bread rolls & butter – of course!
  • A giant graze filled with a variety of cheese, grapes, berries, vine tomatoes, chutneys, and biscuits.
  • Individual glazed apple crumble cakes with cream
  • Three-layer sponge cake with wild berries & fruit compote
  • Oaty flapjacks

Menu by Horam Home Kitchen.



“Thank you for all your help and advise for G’s party, we all had a fab time and everyone as always commented on how great it was xx” Mrs Beale.

The children were encouraged to graze along with their parents and were also provided with hot dogs and ketchup – can’t beat them! They toasted marshmallows, chomped on toffee and caramel apples and fruit cones. At the end of the party, they got to take home the children’s desserts made by Bonney’s Cakery.

Children’s desserts:

  • Harvest themed animal cake pops
  • Harvest themed cupcakes with mini pumpkins on
  • Harvest themed cookies 


2-Tier Pumpkin Birthday Cake


Oh, and we mustn’t forget the cake! A 2-Tier Pumpkin masterpiece: 



The entertainment

From Pipii party supplies we bought paper mache pumpkins for the children to paint (the adults got involved too which is lovely to see!). Stonehill PYOP farm was where we purchased real pumpkins, butternut squash and delicious apples. One of our aims is to use local wherever possible. Fortunately, as this Autumn harvest party idea was very seasonal, it made buying local straightforward.


  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Pumpkin Hoop Toss
  • Apple Bobbing
  • Butternut Bowling
  • Marshmallow Toasting
  • Pumpkin & Spoon Race
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Castle Building
  • Face painting


Party Bags

With Halloween just around the corner, it was only appropriate to gift something to help get them in the spirit. We found some really cute Halloween craft kits from Cotton Twist. They were paper based activities which meant the children could carry on the fun when they got home. Plus these party bag fillers are in keeping with our plastic free policy. If you’d like more eco-friendly party bag ideas, be sure to read this blog: here.



We fell in love with this little pumpkin’s party and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the details. If you’re feeling inspired by our Autumn-Harvest party theme, we’d be very grateful if you can share it with your friends. Last of all, if you have a theme idea you’d like us to bring to life, please do get in touch <3 

Thank you,


Photography by Sophia Travis Photography.