The birthday cake will enhance your theme and of course keep your guests enticed until the very end.


I always wondered why the birthday cake steals much of our time only for it to be demolished in sticky fingers! Nonetheless the cake is a major centrepiece that is bound to be the talk of your party.

Making your own

My mother used to make the most amazing birthday cakes. We once had a pikachu cake for one of my birthday parties and it was fab! Nowadays we have plenty of cool gadgets, moulds and cutters to assist you in creating something awesome. Your local hobby craft is well equipped for cake craft. Another alternative if you have your eye set on a beautifully shaped, themed cake is to hire a tin. Such online stores like The Big Kitchen will provide you with a tin. Youtube is great for following recipes and understanding the fine details of cake craft. A word of warning here.. don’t bite off more than you can chew with the birthday cake. Give yourself enough time to create it with maybe a practice run or two!

Bespoke cakes

Freshly made will special ingredients hosting less additives than shop bought cakes. I’ve paid to have cakes professionally made and it has given me ease of mind. For me it was important I used a renown baker who my friends had used and the bonus of going local means you’ll be supporting your community. Your cake maker should ask you a range of questions when making your cake arrangements! Be prepared with how many it’ll need to feed, the theme of the cake, if you’d like something specific decorated on your cake, any special dietary requirements and any favourite fillings. Keep in mind how long you have until the party as popular cake makers tend to have long waiting lists. Typically you’ll need to go collect your cake but sometimes the cake maker may deliver the cake to you for an extra cost. I also suggest asking how long your cake will stay fresh and whats recommended for storing left overs.. if there are any!



Another alternative is to purchase a pre-made cake. Your local bakery may have some out on display that tickle your tastebuds. Super market cakes look great and wont break the budget. If your’e short on time birthday cakes are also available to buy online! These online cake stores are very sophisticated and give you the option to customise your cake with printed photographs, frosting options, inscriptions and personalised candles and sparklers.