Parties can be expensive but there are many ways to keep the cost down.


It’s fair to say the more DIY your party the more control you’ll have over cost. You pay for convenience and so if you do have time to make your decorations, birthday cake and invitations then you won’t need to spend lots in the shops! Budgeting for your party is a great idea so let’s start with a rough ball park figure that you can later amend as you book and buy for the party. If you’d like some help with this section Part 11 and 12 on the planner have tools for party budgeting which will help you fly through this section. 



If you’re not using the planner here are some questions to think about so you can work out a rough budget for now.

  1. Are you hosting at home or in a venue? Knock off £50 if at home!

  2. Am I providing my own entertainment or booking an entertainer? Knock off another £100 if you plan to do it yourself

  3. Will I bake my cake or order one? Knock off £50 if you’re going to bake!

  4. Am I doing party bags? .. You get the idea…

Some elements of the party will need to be booked right away like the venue and entertainment. Get those out the way and then you can see how much money you have left over for the party food and other bits and pieces. My mum used to put money away weekly starting around 8 weeks before the party. This meant she could gradually buy things bit by bit and she’d have money aside for any on the day emergencies. One year that money came in handy as our dog, Monty had a tasty dinner of her home-made lasagne supposed to feed 20 kids!

If you’re budget isn’t as much as you’d like, do not fear as the final chapter of this guide is dedicated to cutting the party costs.. without scrimping on the parties excellence of course!