Cut The Party Costs

More than 2,000 British parents found that the average cost of a birthday party adds up to £320.50.


On average parents also spend £175.80 on birthday presents, which makes a total birthday spend of £496.30!

Now if you have more than 1 child this is going to add up and so without scrimping on the parties excellence let’s discuss how we can cut the costs.

  • Keep the guest list small
  • Choose a date that gives you plenty of time to make party decorations yourself
  • When picking a theme use what you have, for example if you have lots of polka dot bits and pieces like crockery, ribbon and clothing this could be your theme!
  • Do your research when it comes to paid entertainers, find an amateur or do it yourself!
  • Craft activities mean the children will all take home a gift, so no need to worry about party bags
  • Research package parties thoroughly to get the best deal
  • Throw your party at home rather than paying for a private venue
  • When it comes to food, throw your party before or after lunchtime as this way you’ll only need to provide snacks
  • The birthday cake can be made by you, your talented friend or seek an amateur baker who is looking for practice
  • Prizes & party bags can be handmade
  • Send a text to invite guests or print your invitations at home and hand them out in school
  • Don’t decorate the whole place, just select one focus area like a feature table or entrance way
  • Make it a joint party
  • Borrow stuff like table wear, cake moulds and cookie cutters