Some pointers for choosing the perfect time to party!


At first you will need a few potential dates in order to allow a little bit of leeway for arranging the likes of the birthday cake and venue. We also need to make sure your own family and friends are available to give you a helping hand as well as your son’s or daughter’s best friends. Be sure to give yourself enough time for the birthday party planning!

Time of day

When deciding the best time of day to host your party consider the age of the children. Generally the younger the guests the earlier in the day is better. An 11am start is ok for babies and toddlers but try to avoid nap times. For under 10s lunchtime onwards will work and for teenagers a party in the afternoon or evening will suit perfectly. Obviously school timings will make a difference for those breaking the rules and partying on a school night!

How long do you want your party to last?

Or perhaps more realistically, how long can you cope!? Babies and toddlers can probably take all the excitement for an hour or two. Under 12s; two to three hours. For teens three hours plus will be perfect and a bound for success sleep over.. well we’re looking at 12 hours minimum if they want to keep you up all night. Good luck!