If you don’t fancy yourself an all singing, all dancing, tight rope walking fairy godmother you can always pass the children’s entertainment on to the professionals.


Two things to ask for when booking your entertainer are:

(1) Feedback from other customers

(2) How long they will entertain the children for, including setting up and packing down times.

The entertainer will come to your chosen venue, whether that is your local hall or home. If you are at home keep in mind the area you have as an entertainer or say animal experience may require more room than you think! You may wish to ask your entertainer if they have a DBS check (formerly CRB) however this type of check is only required for a person who has ‘regulated activity’ with the child and so it will not be necessary for most party entertainers. So long as you’re there to see the party unfold you shouldn’t need to worry anyhow. 

One thing I’d like to mention is to always have a back up just in case something goes awry with the entertainment. Perhaps ask a local entertainer if they would agree to be on standby or perhaps you could have some games, craft activities or even a movie as backup.

What can they do for you

For babies & toddlers you can have puppet shows, magicians, balloon modellers, clowns, visiting zoos, craft parties, story time, jugglers and more. 

For slightly older children you’ve got science parties, theatre parties, gamers parties, animal encounters, craft parties, princess parties, pirate parties, Harry Potter parties, face painters, karate parties, magicians, dressing up parties and more.

For teenagers entertainment can be anything from: sumo wrestling parties, photoshoots, photobooths, a recording experience, discos, pamper parties, archery parties, caricature parties, tea parties, cinema parties, rock climbing parties, glamping parties and many more.