The age group of your party will determine what type of games you play. Party games are a great way to bulk out your entertainment and have some fun at the same time. To avoid any confusion on the day be sure all other adults attending understand your rules. When explaining the rules to the kids, be sure to take the extra effort to do a walkthrough round. This will ensure you don’t have to go through the rules multiple times during the actual game itself.

Games to play

– musical statues

– musical chairs

– duck duck goose

– grandmothers footsteps

– whats on the tray memory game – chocolate game with dice

– treasure hunts

– pass the parcel

– pin the tail on the donkey

– sleeping lions (great for 10 minutes of peace!)

– piñata

– races – egg and spoon, sack race etc

– mummify wrap race

– charades

– hot potato

– Simon says

– hide and seek

– capture the flag

– twister

– apple bobbing

– alone in the dark

– balloon games.. through the legs, over the head, balloon waddle, pop the balloons

– garden games – giant snakes & ladders, giant jenga, skittles, ring toss

– ball games – rounders, football,

-nerf shoot out