New to children’s party planning? Need a party planning upgrade?

This ultimate guide has been lovingly created so that you’ll have all the party popping elements covered.

Estimated reading time – 10 minutes. 

Welcome to the ultimate guide to planning your child the greatest birthday party known to man! Before we get started I’ve created for you a 12 page planner that’ll assist you in getting all those party ideas out of your head and onto paper. Plus any useful tips you read here, you can copy straight onto your planner. Sorted. 


Throwing a fabulous party cannot be done single handedly and so you need to think about who YOU want to support you on the day.


Your guest list should include those who will help with the load, the friends and family who will get involved in the games, the silliness and more importantly those who will help you clear up at the end!

The important bit

The most important person to your child is going to be the best friend, so check their family haven’t any upcoming holidays! A tip for you is, the more children you invite the more adults you’ll need. Especially if you’re doing something particularly involved like crafts! Lastly make sure those important people in your child’s life have received an invite. Remember not all will attend so it’s advisable to let your child know of this.