Host a breathtaking bug party!

dark blue small zigs

Today I was asked for ideas on how to host a breathtaking bug party. The soon to be birthday girl loves flowers and creepy crawlies, and so, mummy Jen, would love some suggestions for the games and decorations.

A buggy party theme

There are endless options and colour schemes you can choose with a bug theme. If I were you, I would simplify your theme by choosing either a favoured bug or a most loved flower.

Does your daughter love butterflies, The Very Hungry Caterpillar or ladybugs? If not go with a more simple flower theme as floral decorations will be easy to come by in the shops. You can then include the creepy crawlies into the food and games!

The giddiest of games!

With children of 4 years old we will need some fun and enticing games. The free bug themed activity sheets below can be completed over lunch or you could put them in the children’s party bags for afterward. There is nothing better than getting outside into the fresh air and actually going on a bug hunt! This will be weather dependent, so as well as asking guests to bring warm clothes, have back up games prepared. Indoor games such as apple bug bobbing will be great fun. You could also set up a box of critters, as pictured on the right for a sensory blindfolded, bug search. Bug inspired crafts mean the children will all take home a memento, so get creative and set up a craft table!

Freaky final touches

Having actual edible insects at your party is bound to make it the talk of the playground for weeks to come. These last minute touches will have your daughter’s party guest’s screaming with delight… or fright!!

I hope some of these ideas come in useful for your daughter’s birthday. If you feel like showing off any photographs of your bug party, please share them on the Party Auntie facebook page as I’m sure others would love to see them. Have a great party and thanks again for your question, I really enjoyed putting this together!

Carla x