How to Customise
Party Stationery

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Customising party stationery is a great way to enhance a theme, show off your efforts whilst achieving a completely personalised and unique party for your loved one. 

When customising your next party you’ll need to decide on the following things:

1.   What type of stationery do I want to customise? – I’d suggest choosing 2 or 3 things to start with, you can always create more if you have time.

2.   What is the theme of the party, does it have a colour scheme or a motif? – If you are struggling with this think about the person you are throwing the party for. What do they love? What is their favourite colour, animal, song lyrics, foods, fictional character etc

3.  How do I want my party stationery to look?  – You’ll want to coordinate your ideas so that they compliment each other!

In this how to we have linked up with Suzanne from Spotty Dog Stationery who is a professional party stationer. Suzanne’s job is to design and print handcrafted invitations, customised bunting, favour boxes, stickers, table place cards and any other party requirements.

So what do you think of when we say Party Stationery? Here’s some inspiration – 

Suzanne’s recommended tools:

  • A computer & printer with lots of ink!
  • High quality card
  • A glue gun/glue
  • Double sided tape
  • A ruler
  • Pencils
  • A Guillotine or Sharp Craft Knife
  • More suggestions below

I tend to hoard things like nicely patterned paper and little embellishments, so I try and incorporate things I have laying around. If you don’t have anything of use hanging around; Hobbycraft is a great craft shop. I adore Amazon, as well as Ebay. A lot of my little embellishments come from these two. I spend ages on these hunting for exactly the right thing to make a client’s stationery look that little bit more special!


A few points about card:

For invitations and bunting, a decent heavyweight card, such as a 300gsm, would be perfect, but you need to check your printer as not all printers accept heavy/thick card.

For things like food flags and signs, a thinner card is fine. Just remember to try and keep any style of card (laid, textured, coloured) the same. Consistency is key.

When it comes to invitations don’t feel you have to stick to the standard sizes. For one of my clients I designed and printed ice lolly shaped birthday invitations and these were very popular with the children. If you want to work with standard sizes for envelopes sake sizes for flat invitations are DL (99x210mm), which is envelope size; A7 (74x105mm); A6 (105x148mm); A5 (148x210mm) and a square (eg.: 148x148mm).

Tips & Tricks:

Take it slow; not everything has to be finished right now. If something is going to take a few days, don’t try and do it all in one day. Also, practice is good, especially if you’re trying something new, or potentially expensive. In the case of the latter, perhaps try a miniature version before you buy all the things you need for the larger one.

“Taking a step back and looking at things fresh means you don’t get too bogged down in the details. Give yourself plenty of time and take breaks”

Another tip is to minimise any distractions. If you have children I suggest starting a project when they are at school / nursery / elsewhere and when all the chores are done. For me, the distractions are usually the Spotty Dog herself, who can be a BIG distraction when she wants to be.

You’ll need a large surface to work on where you can leave things to dry without having to move them. I always put some music on that I can sing to, or a film that I know most of the words to (this is so I don’t get distracted and spend most of my time watching the film rather than working!)

“Be limited only by your imagination and equipment, never by your budget.”

My favourite décor idea at the moment is a wreath. Wreaths are not just for Christmas, but can be altered an adapted to suit any occasion! One of the reasons I feel that people don’t utilise the lovely wreath more is because of the potential cost.  My top tip is this pin, which shows a more thrifty way to make a wreath – yes, it says Dollar Store, but you can buy them in Pound shops (for sure, I purchased some recently) and it means you can get bigger wreaths, or simply the perfect size wreath for what you’re doing and not what the craft shop dictates.

Don’t feel that because your party’s budget is smaller than someone else’s that it means your decoration is going to be inferior. There is so much you can do on a small budget if you give it some thought and are a little creative. In the case of party planning, Pinterest is your friend. Spotty Dog Event Stationery is over on Pinterest and we have a whole host of different boards dedicated to party decoration and themes /spotstationery.

When designing for my clients I usually ask them a number of questions, such as how deep do you want to go into a theme? For example, when hosting a Harry Potter themed party, you can use superficial ideas, such as wands and cloaks. Or, you can delve deeper into the theme and pull out other ideas, like a Honeydukes sweet shop themed sweet table, or an Owl Post table for presents and cards.

“How far you take the theme is up to you. Personally, I think the deeper you go, the more authentic and exciting the décor.”

Another question I ask is how much of the stationery is going to be pre-bought? Carrying on the Harry Potter theme idea, there are a number of pre-designed HP themed items available, such as plates with Harry on them, napkins, tablecloths, party bags, and on and on. Deciding on how much of this you want for your party means you can work out what is left to make. And that’s where I come in.


Wow, there’s loads of ideas and tips from Suzanne – thank you for the value you have given this How To.

We hope you are feeling inspired to get creative. Birthdays are all about showing love and what better way than with something you created yourself!  

If you do have a go at customising your next birthday party let us know how it went? Tweet us @partyauntie @spotstationery we’re always having a good natter on Twitter! 

If you have an idea in mind that you’d like to discuss with Suzanne feel free to email her at – or call 07817 228662. If you’d like to see more of her own party stationery check out the website –

Thank you for reading. 

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