Invitations are your first opportunity to get people excited about your child’s birthday party.


In this chapter we will find the best invitation option for you and discover the best way to get that much needed RSVP!


Your invitation options

If you’re feeling crafty you can make your own. You can find tips and suggestions on making your own invitations in our How to which is all about customising your own party stationery.

Free online design tools are available if you’d like to make your invites digitally to print off at home. My favourite online tool is as it’s super easy to use. 

You can buy invitations from your local supermarket and party shop or you can buy your invitations online. See below some example online stores:                                   

For the real wow factor you can hire a professional party stationer who with your preferences will design and create your custom made invitations! Make sure to get a sample first to check the quality of your invitation. 

Or keep things simple by sending a text, email or creating a facebook event.


Getting your invitations out

If E-vites are not for you then we also must consider how you’re going to get your party invites to the recipients. Posting is an option with a cost attached, handing them out in the playground is free or if you really want to set the tone of your party, hand deliver your invitations.

Hand delivering invitations really adds a personal touch and you may even get an RSVP on the doorstep! To really boost up the excitement for your party go dressed up in your party theme, take your pet along in theme or hire an entertainer to deliver the invites for you.

One thing I must mention for those who have a small guest list and children in school is to try and minimise giving out invitations in front of those who are not invited.



RSVPs can be a bit of a pain in the bottom. I’ve read on Netmums that a successful way to get responses was to repeat the date & time on the invitation three times. Give it a try and see how you get on!

Another idea to help increase the number of responses is to add a competition or chance to win something on your invitation. Give them a puzzle, something to colour in or a question to guess. Ask guests to RSVP with the correct answer within so many hours/days to be entered into a draw to win something at the party! The prize could be something for the child or something for the parent. It is up to you. At the end of the day a little bit of guesswork may be needed for how many you think will turn up. Budget for the full number but expect a few not be able to make it. 




Jess from, Jessie M Design has beautifully crafted these high quality A5 invitations which are free for you to download and print.

Jess suggests buying some card in WH Smith that can go through your home printer. This will make that little extra difference to the quality of your invitations 🙂 EG 240gsm is the recommended paper thickness however check your printer first to see what paper it will be accepted before buying as some printers only allow up to a certain thickness.