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Want to knock out and avoid refined sugar in your next party food spread? Look no further with these 10 fun recipe tutorials. 

When it comes to kid’s birthday parties it’s easy to please by buying the party rings, the pre-made fairy cakes and litres of fizzy drinks. Don’t you find these sugary treats are typical for kids’ birthday parties? How about trying something different that’ll save their teeth and health. Plus I’m sure the parents will thank you when their children don’t come home hyped up on E numbers! 

Salted Caramel Dip

Perfect for dipping apples, fruit skewers or more likely dunking fingers! Just click the picture to go to the recipe or watch the video.


Chocolate Milkshake

Rich and creamy chocolate milkshakes. Don’t you just love the miniature milk bottles and twine tied tops!?


Sugar Free Popcorn

You can’t go wrong with popcorn. It’s not unhealthy, it’s great for movie night and little bags or boxes with names on are a great way to personalise your party.  


Watermelon Cake

A  fabulous and healthy alternative that’s bound to be the talk of the party! Just click the picture to go to the recipe or watch the video.


Sugar Free Brownies/Brownie Pops

Brownies Mmm. Brownie pops or just simple bite sized brownies – the choice is yours! Just click on the picture to go to the recipe or watch the video.


Super Berry Ice Pops

 You could whip these up the night before the party. You’ll need some moulds and lollipop sticks! 


Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins 

Banana, dates and cocao powder sweetened muffins. Fancy some chocolate chips in there? Well Lily’s sugar free chocolate chips do a stevia sweetened option. 


Homemade Sugar Free Lemonade 

Keep the kids refreshed with a super simple lemonade. If you fancy a different colour and flavour give the raspberry one a try!


Sugar Free Fudge

 And one last treat that’ll have the kids going crazy. Fudge! Just click the picture to go to the recipe or watch the video. 


Gluten Free Party Food –

The best gluten free bakers that deliver!

Hopefully you have loads of ideas and many recipes you’d like to try.

Have a go at knocking out refined sugar at your next party – and if you do, let me know how it goes! Feel free to post a comment, add a photo or tweet me @partyauntie

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Have a fabulous day.

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