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Welcome to the Best Baking Blogs series for mums! Here you can discover the very best baking blogs online right now.

These baking inspired bloggers not only share their top of the line baking recipes but also show off their photography skills that are bound to have your mouth watering and you leaping to try for yourself!


Sweetopia, is a gorgeous candy pink baking blog. It has an extensive list of How To’s with fabulous photographs and even has links to videos for the tricky sections. At Sweetopia you can learn to bake and create delicate decorative biscuits that are in theme with all the major holidays. There’s biscuits for birthdays, baby showers and for Christmas… there are even biscuits for baking fanatics! As well as biscuits you can also learn new cupcakes recipes, learn to perfect edible cupcake toppers & produce professional looking icing. If you are planning on checking out the Sweetopia Blog I’d also recommend checking out their Pinterest as it has over 10,000 lovely pins and it’s really inspiring!


Sally’s Baking Addiction is a fresh looking baking blog with fabulous photography. If you want to tease your tastebuds take a look at her extensive recipe list.

Sally and I both share the same favourite dessert – Apple Pie so she surely has great taste! You can learn about baking techniques, proper ingredients and achieving the best results in Sally’s Baking Basics Series (new articles are published once or twice a month). You can also find Sally’s two published cook books – Sally’s Baking Addiction and Sally’s Candy Addiction. Each book is loaded with 75 or more photographed recipes.


“Short, Sweet & A Little Salty” is the tagline over at Rachel and I are very much on the same level, and when I say this I mean we are both only 5ft high! Over at Bakerita you can find over 300 recipes mostly of the sweet kind. There are also many recipes for those who live by the Vegan, Paleo or Gluten Free lifestyle. I’ve tried and tested her Vegan Banana Muffins recipe and they went down a treat and so I can highly recommend. Rachel sure likes to make people feel hungry, her Instagram account boasts over 13,000 followers and the photographs are to die for!

Janes Patisserie is an orderly baking blog boasting easy-to-make treats run by a young lady from the Southern Coast (hello neighbour!) There’s a great list of No-bake cheesecakes alone that are always great when we are feeling just a tad lazy but wish to create something indulgent.

Under ‘Helpful Tips’ Jane has shared with us her trusted conversion tables for baking; these cover recommended temperatures, weight of ingredients and size of cake tins! Last month I followed her recipe for Oreo Cupcakes and Oh my goodness! Everyone loved them and they looked the part too. So again, I’d highly recommend.

Recipe’s From a Normal Mum, is a stylish, clean, easy to use baking blog. As well as Sweetopia, Recipe’s From a Normal Mum has a multitude of recipes for biscuits… however, I’d suggest having a peek at the mouth watering recipes for hot cross buns, cheese straws and a whole range of different breads! Not only do we get step by step instructions, we also read about Holly who is the Author behind the blog. She is a mum, she was on The Great British Bake Off TV show and she shares anecdotes from her life, much of it I am sure many can relate to.


mum’s tried & tested tips  –

Who better to give tried and tested birthday party tips other than real life mums? 

Well let’s hope your tastebuds are tingling with the possibilities! 

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“Much to my horror I’ve discovered the kid’s eating my cakes..”