Tried & Tested Birthday Tips

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Who better to give tried and tested birthday party tips other than real life mums?

Now I am very lucky, I consider myself to have five mums – yes that’s right five! (Ok, so some of them are Aunties or best friend’s mums).. nonetheless my mums are very knowledgeable parents and so I thought it would make a great article to ask them what they think the key is to a successful birthday party.

Let’s welcome our first fabulous mum! 


Clare says “We love to host our birthday parties at home usually in the garden if the weather is nice. I say if the weather is nice – you can never really plan for a nice day so we just have our fingers crossed! I have two boys and so I like to prepare a big spread of food such as; sausages, chicken on wings, salads, rolls, homemade sausage rolls, quiche plus some simple sweets such as ice cream, meringues and strawberries. One year we hosted a joint birthday party where we hired a bouncy castle and an inflatable boxing ring which was a huge success – lucky the weather was nice that day! We very much live by the rule, the more the merrier.”


Nikki says “I think the key to a successful birthday party is quite simple. Make sure your son or daughters best friends are all there! Try to coordinate a day with the kid’s parents when everyone is free. A group of girls together are always going to have a great time whatever you organise for them. As we are quite a crafty family my daughters and I would spend the day before baking tasty cakes and cookies which the girls could then decorate at the party. I once hosted a jewellery making party where the girls made friendship bracelets and anklets, it doesn’t have to be really expensive you just need to make use of what you have!”


Julia says “The best parties don’t have to cost a huge amount. Treasure hunts are fun and inexpensive, we’ve done them in the garden for young children and in the woods for older children. Then clues around town in a huge loop for teens, starting with clues that lead to the next clue and ultimately whatever treasure is suitable at the end. Taking lyrics from their favourite artists and tracks and making a quiz of them, this is really fun as a group quiz as they sing to each other trying to capture the title.”


Claire says “I have four boys and so it’s always a struggle to be inventive with parties. Usually I’ll just ask my boys what they would like to do for their birthday and so we have done cinema trips, swimming parties, had bouncy castles in the garden and BBQ’s. Another successful idea a friend did was a party to the cinema with everyone in fancy dress as one of the characters in the film (this was quite easy as it was one of the Harry Potter films at the time).”


Lou says “When we throw a birthday party we want everyone to be there. So that’s my family, my son’s friends, my daughter’s friends – even the pet dog Daphne and her friends are invited too. As we live in a terraced house in Brighton it can be a bit of a squeeze so we tend to hire a hall that’s just around the corner from the kids school. The main cost for us is hiring the venue but if you ring around you can usually get an affordable price. We then ask all of our lovely family and friends to bring a dish of something each – my sister makes a great cake, my mum – brownies, my best friend loves making homemade lemonade, usually there is food left in the end & so everyone gets a party bag! All you need is music and some silly party games and you have a wild and wonderful birthday party.”

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Well I hope you get some benefit from reading my 5 mum’s tried and tested birthday party tips. Keep things simple, the kids are bound to have a wonderful time whatever you lay on for them!

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have a tried and tested birthday party tip that you’d like to share with other readers. 


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