Our lovely mums, dads and guardians may want to stick around and watch the party unfold.


Having a few extra pairs of hands at a birthday party is always a welcome bonus when you are hosting. Parents can snap away like the paparazzi to document the success of your party. All you really need to provide is tea, coffee and a slice-or-two of cake.

If you’re having a flashy affair for an 18th birthday or sweet 16, cocktails or mocktails will always go down a storm. You can also provide a quiet area away from the party goers to sit, relax and chat amongst themselves. Kind gestures like these are sure to be appreciated.

If some entertainment is needed, you could even leave the parents some quizzes or games to play. This can help them to pass the time quickly and break the ice between parents who are meeting for the first time.


Having a package party?

Package parties tend to be large centres, so usually there is room for parents to come and join in. Due to this, there may be a cost attached. Therefore, you will need to find out about any extra adults who may be attending as soon as possible and include these details on the invitation.