Party Bags

Send the children home with a big smile clutching onto their personalised party bags.


Party Bag Filler Ideas

We’ve all seen enough poundland trinkets to last a lifetime and so this section is all about inspiring you to create thoughtful gifts that set you apart from the rest!


Themed Fillers

There are many options out there so you may want to keep your fillers close to the party theme. It’ll make shopping a little easier! For example an outer space themed party bag could have inside a rocket shaped cookie, iron on galaxy planets (great for jazzing up clothes or rucksakes) and stress reliever space goo.

For School

Buying something useful for school like a cool pencil topper, notepad (with thank you for coming inscription inside) and cute topped paper clips set will mean you child will see their awesome party bags in use!

Activity Bags

Giving a activity inspired party bag means the party doesn’t end that day. Things like pre-weighed out ingredients for making brownies, pizzas or cookies are very popular. Perhaps you could even put some seeds for growing if it’s the right time of year.

Make Your Own

If you want to make your own favours a homemade cake pop or a homemade cupcake is sure to be happily received! 


Getting creative with the party bag itself.

What your favours come in can go further than the standard themed plastic party bag. A nice low cost option that also shows a little effort is to purchase the deli style brown paper bags. With these you can print on them with stamps, tie ribbons or helium balloons.

Another popular option are the sack style bags, made from cotton. These can come printed with animals, robots, musical instruments and more. 

If you’re planning to stick with the traditional cake give-away style party bag then why not buy individual cake slice boxes. You can jazz these up with a helium balloon and a thank you card.

Another little gifting option I love is the individual cupcake, cookie or macaron boxes. These are the ones with the little clear windows in them that allow you to see what is inside.

You could make or buy decorative boxes to pop favours in. You can buy gift boxes that come in fun shapes like bird houses, circus tents and all sorts of animals.

Things you may have in the house like jam jars, mini wicker baskets, terracotta pots, popcorn boxes or even ice cream cones you can fill up to your hearts desire! I love the jars with an animal figurine topper, perfect for filling with wrapped chocolates for teenagers.

Finally off the top of my head you have paper sweet bags which are nice and simple.. think of the ones that pick and mix come in.

Pre-made party bags

If you’re short on time you can purchase pre-made party bags online. Here are just a few suggested shops :