The time has come for you to put on your creative hat.


We are going to tie the entertainment, food, party bags, games and music together in one wonderful theme. Let’s mesmerise the children like they just walked into the set of their favourite movie, tv programme/ whatever their obsession is! So you can either ask your son or daughter what they want as their theme or make it a surprise.

If the perfect theme hasn’t yet come to mind try the questions on part 3 of the planner : 

Choosing a favourite colour or shape for babies and toddlers is a nice way to go for simplicity. Overall making sure your theme is doable is key. A simple motif repeated across the decor is a great way to enhance your theme. We want our invitations to hint at the theme, we want a taste of it in our food and it selectively snuck into our decorations. Games relevant to the theme are a fantastic idea for kids. A costume party for teens will also upgrade your theme.

Try the drop down lists below for party themes, otherwise let’s move on to the next chapter! 

Airplane Theme
Animal Theme
Bee Theme
Bicycle Theme
Bob the Builder Theme
Bow Tie Theme
Bubble Theme
Cat in the Hat Theme
Choo Choo Train Theme
Cowboy Theme
Elephant Theme
Fantastic Mr Fox Theme
Farmyard Theme
Finding Nemo Theme
Finding Dory Theme
Fireman Sam Theme
Hot Air Balloon Theme
Kite Theme
Magic Theme
Moustache Theme
Nautical Theme
Picnic Theme
Pingu Theme
Race Car Theme
Rainbow Theme
Roald Dahl Theme
Robot Theme
Stars & Stripes Theme
Teddy Bear Picnic Theme
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme
Vintage Circus Theme
Woodland Theme
Zoo Theme
Adventure Theme
Angry Birds Theme
Avengers Theme
Basketball Theme
Big Hero Six Theme
Bouncy Castle Theme
Bowling Theme
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theme
Chocolate Theme
Cinema Theme
Clown Theme
Comic Theme
Colour Theme
Cowboy Theme
Creepy Crawley Theme
Cricket Theme
Dinosaur Theme
Disney Theme
Dreamworks Theme
Dr Who Theme
Fancy Dress Theme
Farm Theme
Fishing Theme
Football Theme
Funfair Theme
Gamers Theme
Golf Theme
Harry Potter Theme
History Theme
Lego Theme
Little Chef Theme
Lord of the rings Theme
Mario Theme
Mexican Theme
Mickey Mouse Theme
Mine Craft Theme
Minion Theme
Modern Geometric Theme
Monster Theme
Movie Theme
Muppets Theme
Mythical Creatures Theme
Ninja Theme
Peter Pan Theme
Pirate Theme
Pizza Theme
Pokemon Theme
Preppy Theme
Red Indian Theme
Rugby Theme
Scavenger Hunt Theme
Scouts Theme
Shipwrecked Theme
Sonic the Hedgehog Theme
Space and Astronaut Theme
Spongebob Theme
Star Wars Theme
Transformers Theme
Up inspired Theme
How to train your dragon Theme
Zoo Keeper Theme
Alice in Wonderland Theme
Ballerina Theme
Bunny Theme
Butterfly Theme
Buttons Theme
Cake / Cupcake Theme
Elmo Theme
Family Theme
Floral Theme
Fruity Theme
Goldilocks and the Three Bears Theme
Heart Theme
Koala Theme
Lady Bug Theme
Lemonade Theme
Nanny & Babies Theme
Owl Hoot Hoot Theme
Paint Theme
Play Park Theme
Peter Rabbit Theme
Photo Booth Theme
Pineapple Theme
Pink Theme
Polka Dot Theme
Puppet Theme
Rainbow Theme
Sunshine Theme
Strawberry Theme
Teddy Bear Picnic Theme
Under the Sea Theme
Unicorn Theme
Watermelon Theme

Alice in Wonderland Theme
Alien Theme
Animal Theme
Around the World Theme
Baking Theme
Ballet Theme
Black & White Hollywood Theme
Bohemian Theme
Bowling Theme
Brave Theme
Camping Theme
Cinema Theme
Circus Theme
Craft Theme
Cupcake Theme
Disco Theme
Disney Theme
Donut Theme
Dreamworks Theme
Fancy Dress Theme
Fairies Theme
Fashion Theme
Festival Theme
Flower Theme
Frozen Theme
Gamers Theme
Girl Guides Theme
Glamping Theme
Glamour & Glitz Theme
Hats Theme
Hawaiian Theme
Hello Kitty Theme
Horse Riding Theme
I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Theme
Ice Cream Theme
Ice Queen Theme
Jewellery Theme
Maskerade Theme
Milkshake Theme
Mini Fete Theme
Mini Mouse Theme
Movie Night Theme
Neon Theme
New York Theme
Oreo Theme
Pajama Theme
Pamper Theme
Paris Theme
Pink Flamingo Theme
Pizza Theme
Puppy Theme
Queen Theme
Red Indian Theme
Royal Theme
Safari Theme
Science Theme
Sing Star Theme
Swim Theme
Spa Day Theme
Sweet 16 Theme
Sweet Shop Theme
Tea Theme
Textiles Theme
Trolls Theme
Veterinary Theme
Vintage Theme
Wizard of Oz Theme