Hi Party Auntie, I’m short on ideas for party favours. I don’t have a lot to spend and I’d like to avoid pound land products that’ll just get thrown in the bin!

Great question and I must agree I am not a fan of those throw away style favours! If it’s a small group of children why not create something personalised for each child? I like the idea of buying them all a pen or pencil they can use in school. You could then make some pencil toppers that feature their name, favourite animals or favourite cartoons. Simply you’ll need a computer and printer or you could head to hobby craft and buy a stencil. I’d recommend buying a little notebook to go with it and in the first page write “thank you for coming to ___ party”. Books are always a nice gift, you could personalise a bookmark to go in it for an extra special touch. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy how about some pre weighed out ingredients with a little recipe card inside for homemade cupcakes or cookies? The parent’s will be grateful as its something practical that the kids can use/learn! If you like the images to the left click and it’ll take you to the shop.

Let me know if you need anymore ideas!

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