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Budget – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

BUDGET Parties can be expensive but there are many ways to keep the cost down.   It's fair to say the more DIY your party the more control you'll have over cost. You pay for convenience and so if you do have time to make your decorations, birthday cake and...

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Food – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

FOOD We have a rough idea on how many we are catering for and so now it is time to plan the menu!   It’s also the time to double check any dietary requirements.. i.e vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, diabetes and any allergies just in case. Parent’s will expect...

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Parents – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

PARENTSOur lovely mums, dads and guardians may want to stick around and watch the party unfold. Having a few extra pairs of hands at a birthday party is always a welcome bonus when you are hosting. Parents can snap away like the paparazzi to document the success of...

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Package Parties – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

PACKAGE PARTIES Not got a lot of time on your hands? Well this party could be for you.   Package parties tend to save the most time when it comes to planning birthdays. Typically the place of your choice will feed and entertain the kids for you! Everything is...

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Theme – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

THEME The time has come for you to put on your creative hat.   We are going to tie the entertainment, food, party bags, games and music together in one wonderful theme. Let’s mesmerise the children like they just walked into the set of their favourite movie, tv...

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Date & Time – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

DATE & TIME Some pointers for choosing the perfect time to party!   At first you will need a few potential dates in order to allow a little bit of leeway for arranging the likes of the birthday cake and venue. We also need to make sure your own family...

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Decorating – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

This page is undergoing maintenance.   But if you'd like some visual decorating ideas be sure to check out the Party Auntie pinterest page. Just click on the icon below!   Thank you for your patience.    DECORATING   Now we come to the part I...

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Venue – The Ultimate Children’s Party Guide

VENUE We have a list of how many are invited and an idea on entertainment so let's find out what kind of space is needed to throw our party!    When it comes to venues it will certainly be worth sending a few emails to get a rough idea on cost first of all....

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