We have a list of how many are invited and an idea on entertainment so let’s find out what kind of space is needed to throw our party! 


When it comes to venues it will certainly be worth sending a few emails to get a rough idea on cost first of all. Typically the venue will ask you to pay a deposit when booking and invoice you for the rest after the party. The rate will either be a flat rate for a designated time or you’ll pay hourly. Community centres, churches and halls tend to be the cheapest option.. looking at roughly £10 per hour depending on your location. Double check your venue has the facilities you require. Do you need a kitchen for storing food & making tea? Or maybe wheelchair access? The venue may even provide disco lighting and a stage for entertainment. You should also consider how local your venue is, as the closer to your guests it is the more likely they are to attend! Lastly I recommend viewing the place before you book.

A note on space

Space is great but you can loose atmosphere in a large venue when your numbers are small. Ask about the capacity of your venue and keep your number of guests close to this to gain that personalised feel. Also the bigger the area the more decorations, time and money will be needed. Obviously if you’re having an indoor bouncy castle or assault course you’ll need lots of space! I would ask your chosen venue if you can decorate the evening before as this will be sure to save you some time for the more important bits like icing the cakes.

Types of venues you could host your party in are : 

Paid Venues

Village halls



Youth Clubs

Function Rooms – pubs, hotels, stadiums


Zoo Facilities

Sealife Centres

Farm Facilities

Leisure Centres


Community Centres

Art Centres,

Science Centres

Club Houses – cricket, rugby, football, golf

Dance Studios

Woodland Facilities

Camp Sites

Marquee & Tent Hire

Boat Hire

Free venues available to all:  the park, in the woods, the pier or on the beach. However if you’re in the UK like me, always have a plan B as our delightful green countryside means lots of rain. Saying that, kids do love squelching around in the mud but not so much our grown up teenagers. I once had a field party that rained so horrifically all guests went back looking unrecognisable but nonetheless having had a great time.